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Our Origin Story

In May 2021 our young family of 6 escaped Canada with a plan to vacation in Florida for a few weeks.


We never went back.

We were fortunate to find an excellent immigration lawyer, and now friend, to help navigate the lengthy process.

With the help of another friend, and amazing realtor, we found a home perfectly located between the elementary, middle and high school that our children would attend.

The community of coaches, teachers, parents and friends we've made here is amazing.


When it was time to start a business, we knew being of service to the community was our top priority.


After exploring many options, SCULPTED was born.


The initial concept was a luxurious mobile body sculpting studio. 


We have non-invasive, commercial-grade equipment that can remove stubborn fat deposits (yes, really!) and build muscles (like abs!) while you lie down on a spa bed in the back of a private Mercedes Sprinter van.

We’ve since added complimentary technology and products that will super-charge the fat removal and muscle building process.

Why Mobile?

During the research phase our findings were that mobile is the future. 


This aligned perfectly with our desire to serve our clients in the most convenient and effective way possible, by going to them, wherever they need us to be.

In addition, we still wanted to provide an escape, a change of scenery by delivering a VIP, modern spa-themed, experience. 


By enlisting the help of a talented interior designer, the inside of the van looks and feels like you’ve stepped into your own private, opulent spa!


Does it really work?

Yes.  It really works, and without surgery, recovery time or pain. 

How it will work for you will be unique to your body, how closely you follow your prescribed plan, your expectations and lifestyle, but it will eventually work.


How can SCULPTED help you?

Reduce Stubborn and Unwanted Fat Deposits

Target those areas that remain regardless of diet and exercise.  Areas like abs, back, arms, legs and love handles.

Build Muscle

 Allow the machine to stimulate muscle growth of abs, buttocks, legs and calves.

Strengthen Pelvic Floor

Reduce or eliminate involuntary leakage (bonus, increase sexual function and sensation)

Anything Else?

Algae (it's a super food!!)

Protein Powder (Whey and Pea)

Red Light Therapy


Accountability Partnerships! (ask us about it!)

How much does it cost?


Fat Reduction


 Family and Friends introductory rate is only:


Depending on treatment area, at least 10 sessions will be required.


Muscle Building, including Pelvic Floor


 Family and Friends introductory rate is only:


Depending on treatment area, at least 6 sessions will be required.


Why this Technology?

When starting SCULPTED we could have picked any of the Cryolipolysis (fat freeze) technologies on the market.  You may have seen all the billboards, commercials and ads for the cold sculpting options out there.  


After a lot of research and confirming with long-time industry experts, we picked our device, Tshock, because it's the safest (our number 1 criteria), non-invasive, most effective and most versatile.


So why doesn't everyone use this device if it's so good?


Because it's the least profitable.


There is no 'set it and forget it' where the technician leaves you to work with another client.  It's a hands on and labor intensive process which the larger offices don't like.  Different business model.  Different focus.


That's not us.  We are 100% committed to you and your results when you're on team SCULPTED.

What’s the process to get started?

Are you ready to take action towards achieving and maintaining your best self?


Simply reach out to us so we can schedule the initial consultation.  We can figure out timing and best course of action.

Payment options?

SCULPTED accepts credit cards, checks and cash.

Another option: Buy now, pay later with Cherry.

The Vision for SCULPTED

We aspire to give you the best experience and results possible. We aim to create a close-knit community of like-minded individuals by providing exclusive, top-notch expertise, and highly personalized service.


Once we reach the perfect group size, we'll stop accepting new clients so we can focus our undivided attention, our energy and our know-how solely on you and those who have joined us.

Want more specific Information?

Please visit the main website at:

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